Photographes, entreprises professionnelles et partenaires photosensibles, devenez membre CAP

Presentation of CAP and its functionalities

Club Activ Photo is a community platform dedicated to the professional photography which helps the connections between the members of CAP around their careers, for a sharing of skills on an international level.

CAP is for not only people but also for groups, (associations, clubs, federations…, businesses TPE - PME/PMI - GE) which are using the medium of photography for a professional use (or semi-professional).

The members of CAP are photographers (professionals or amateurs « experts »), iconographs, curator of exhibits, journalists (freelancers), press agents « freelance », students in photo, advisers, as well as professional companies:  photographic agencies, photo labs, printing studios ateliers, makers and suppliers of material (photo, multimedia). Without forgetting partners « photo sensible » (cultural institutions, art galleries, photo clubs and associations, unions and federations, expertise practices, editors (book and press), booksellers, collectors s…) who are looking for professionals because of their skills in photography.

CAP, is a FREE ACCESS for all visitors who wish to:

  • DISCOVER the latest ads posted by the members of CAP
  • CHECK the news on the blog CapActu
  • RECEVE the CAP’s Newsletter to be informed each day of the novelties of the site.
  • CONTACT the team of CAP before subscribing on the site…

CAP offers to its future members to have access to ITS SERVICES according to their needs:

  • To put an AD for a research of a particular skill (*)
  • To participate to the blog Cap-Actu by posting his/her own PUBLICATIONS (*)
  • Create his/her ACCOUNT to benefit immediately of the CAP’s services

(*) A choice of 10 skills, and 5 publishing formats to be discover at the end of this CAP presentation.

To become a MEMBER CAP, it’s easy and fast in 3 steps:

  1. I identify myself to have access to the subscribing form (*)
  2. I fill out my pane « personal » regarding if I am a person or a company
  3. I fill out in details my pane « professional » by describing which skill I want to be solicited for

(*) All information on the subscribing form are secured, and CAP commit to never communicate these information from the personal/ professional) profile without previous agreement from their members.

Using the CAP SERVICES, it’s easy and functional:

SERVICE CAP to MANAGE the contacts from my « Personal Space»:

With my login number, I can connect to my personal space from where:

  • I can modify and update my profile (personal and professional)
  • I can use my « control panels » to view my ads, select some offers, answer some adds that sound interesting to me …
  • I can add some « skills » to my professional profile, to my professional profile and be solicited more often for my expertise .

SERVICE CAP to SEARCH for the skills of a professional registered on the digital platform CAP:

(*) Your ad has been suggested to all CAP members but only 3 propositions can be selected in order to limit rivalry , in ”a goodwill spirit”.

(**) In case of non-response during the timing indicated on the ad form, it will be un-published from the site. The member is informed 7 days before its disappearance.

SERVICE CAP to be asked and selected  depending on your profesional skills"

(*) Options depending from subscriptions types : renewal the following year of the credits not spend during the year ; personal CAP support for a research of professionals on the site or to answer to an ad.

(**) 10 credits are needed to be put in connection

(***) Possibility to add several skills I order to be seen more often and to be easily seen by some professionals.

SERVICE CAP for more VISIBILITY about my activities on a worldwide scale:

(*) Options depending on formula for the publishing scheduling from 90 to 30 days.

(**) choice of 5 formats: Actualities, Book « Pro », Interview simple, Join Interview, Video link

(***) According to the « code of conduct » to be read right from the home page of the site


A few CAP advices to its future members:


  • Fill-in with care your professional profile which will become your passport for your appointments to come…
  • Do not hesitate to multiply your ads to optimize your researches (you have nothing to lose!)
  • To increase your contacts (on national and international levels), your « personal space » will save you time!
  • Take the time to compare the different « options » offered by CAP before choosing the formula that is the best for your needs.


And of course, the CAP team can be reached at any time to answer your questions!


  • Employment (proposition/search)
  • Human Resources, Management, Managing (internal) of firm


  • Apprenticeship (photo), Internship, Workshop, Education (places and training)
  • Study (photo), Training (classes and curriculum)
Advices and Support
  • Front desk welcoming, Assistance (individuals), Service and logistic (rental, boking, After Sale Service, transport…)
  • Advising (Administrative – Accounting – Financial – Legal – Social Protection – Practical and technical on the choice and use of material)
  • Expertise (Collection, archiving…)

Exhibitions and Event

  • Exhibition (photography, printout, vintages): scenography, installation (booth)…
  • Exhibition "virtual », temporary; Annual exhibit; Biennales 
  • Exhibits places: Galleries (art); Festivals, Shows, Fairs…  Museums and cultural institutions; Art Centers…

Artistic Creation and Material

  • Artistic Creation: Photography (professional, amateur Pro); Arts (graphism, infographic)
  • Photographic realization, audiovisual, cinematographic (reportages, (web) documentaries, films…)
  • Photo manufacturing material (APN, accessories, materials, software...), office and IT

Creative Supports 

  • Development and printing (techniques, places, e- printing …)
  • Publishing: Books (photo, art), self-publishing, e-books, Editing… Magazines, revues, newspaper…
  • Internet: internet, sites, on line service, webzine, web magazine
  • Multimedia and telephony: mobiles, tablets, video camera and cameras, drones, 3D objects, video …
  • Promotion: Public Relations/ Press Relation, Communication, Advertising, Places of sales

Orders (Photo)

  • Companies’ orders (Institutional, Advertising space... and Public orders: call for application, Offer call…
  • Supply, Shelving
  • Prizes and competition Photo (creation, organization)
  • Conservation and Archival (photography, collection…), Hosting images, images bank…
  • Co publishing (national, international), Commercial Collaborations and photographic (national, international)


  • Buy / Sale-Resale (photo accessories, APN, silver photography, photos, photo books, magazines, software, material, photos, products …)
  • Sponsoring (material, numeracy), rental and loan of material, accessories, products, exhibits stands …
  • Investment: photographic work, printing, vintages…, crowdfunding 

Mecenat, Grant, Donation

  • Cultural sponsorship, Donation (photo), Scholarship (photo): student, photographic creation…
  • Financial Help, grants…


  • Publishing of news, ad regarding a new book, product, event…
 Professional Book
  • Publishing of "Professional Book " with 5 images max.
Single Interview
  • Publishing of one Interview for only 1-member CAP
Joined Interview
  • Publishing of one Interview (joined): 2 members CAP
  • Link to your video